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My wife and I started this company back in 2016 with the impression we would have a store that would cover board games, TCG's as well as other "types" of games to sell to the masses. Unfortunately life happened and we had to put breaks on for a while.

 With moving to a new house, and the trials of life sort of settling down we've decided to take another stab at it.

So who are we you might ask.. I spent 5 years in the United States Marine Corps which sent me on 2 tours over to Iraq. After my contract with the Marine Corps ended I moved to Virginia where I'm currently at and I hold a job in the school system here. It's an exciting job and helps me sort of give back to the community by helping our kids!  My wife (Lisa) is a music teacher who also holds her own craft business making Bears and Bunnies as well as a few other items. She really enjoys that since a lot of the material that she uses is from the clients loved ones that passed away. These turn into Keepsake bears/bunnies that they can take with them to remember, hold or even hug when they need that certain pick me up. Her site can be found here (

My two kids (Hunter & Logann) smiling in the image is the reason why I'm pushing for this store to work. I've always had a fondness of Pokemon and I've been working on getting my daughter into it, but she's still a  bit to young to understand it :) . I would enjoy being able to hand over this site to her and my son one day and let them run with it, but we will see which direction life takes them. 

So while being new to the E-commerce world I'm hoping we all grow as a family and make this journey an amazing one! Feel free to hop on over to Instagram (Link below) or Facebook to say hi! I'll always enjoy a good conversation even if it's not about Pokemon :)

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