Frequently asked questions

Pre- Orders

What is a Pre-order?

When a new item is about to be released orders can be placed as a "placeholder" for when the product comes in. This is refered to as a pre-order. Pre-orders are subject to allocation and such does not guarantee that you will be allocated one upon release. When Born 2 Game receives allocation numbers from our distributors then we will notify customers if the allocations were above or below what we asked. If the allocations were below what we asked those that cannot be allocated product will be notified and the order will be returned to the customer in full through an order cancelation.

How do I know if it's a Pre-order?

Every Pre-order product will have a "Pre-order" Tag on the image as a blue banner.

When will I see my product?

For instock orders these will usually ship between 1 - 3 business days (Monday - Friday). * Due to COVID the mail may be delayed based on the carrier and their delivery time which unfortunately that portion is out of my hands. All orders over 13 oz will receive a tracking number. For Pre-orders - These will usually ship 3 - 5 business days after the product is received. Please make sure you view the "Release Date" on the product page to know when the product will be released. Release Date is when the distributor is allowed to release the product to retailers (Born 2 Game). Once the product is received from the distributor and email will be sent out to customers stating their product has been received and will be shipped within 3 - 5 business days (Monday - Friday)

What happens if I have an item on the order that is a pre-order?

When you buy an instock item and you mix it with a pre-order item then the package will be shipped when all packages are together. Example 1: If you buy a Sword and Shield Booster box that is in stock and then add a Shining Fates ETB, then your order will ship when the Shining Fates ETB arrives. Example 2: If you order a Shining Fates ETB that releases in February and a Shining Fates Premium Collection Box that releases in march, then your order will ship when all items are together in march. If you want your orders to arrive seperately then you will need to place 2 orders.

When are pre-orders charged?

Pre-orders are charged during checkout when the order is placed and not when the item is released/shipped. This helps us get an accurate amount of orders to send off to our distributors.

What happens if a release date changes?

The release dates we provide on a product page is provided by either the manufacturer, or our suppliers and are subject to change. Orders will be shipped with the new release date window.


What is the Wave tag?

Due to Covid impacting the TCG printing and shipping world, some companies will distributor their product in waves. These waves are small allocations of the total order that is sent to us from our distributor. Pokemon for example has been doing a 3 wave system where we receive 1/3 (wave 1) of our order during release day, 1/3 (wave 2) a month after and then the last 1/3 (wave 3) the following month to wave 2. Each wave is a "pre-order" so please see the above FAQ for information on pre-orders. The only difference between wave 2 - 3 compared to wave 1 is wave 2 & 3 are already allocated so the numbers are locked in. This will almost guarantee your order is filled barring any shipping issues. Wave 1 is always subject to allocation as we usually do not receive our allocation numbers till a few weeks before release day.

How do I know what wave the order is?

Each item that is listed as a wave will have a blue banner above the item stating which wave that order will be placed in as well as a description to the right of the product on it's respective page.